BBC Good Food Show London 9-11 November 2012

BBC Good Food Show Live Blog 


I am very excited to be visiting the BBC Good Food Show on Friday. The highlights for me are seeing live demos from this year’s MasterChef winner, Shelina Permalloo, and Great British Bake Off’s Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. I’ll also be looking out for new and exciting exhibitors to discover what foodie delights are on offer.

This is my first time at the event and I will be accompanied by my husband to savour all the event has to offer. We have splurged on VIP seats, which given all the freebies and extras, is worth the extra money.

Event Day

As soon as we entered into Olympia, we were handed our passes and ushered into the private lounge sponsored by Qatar Airways, where we enjoyed coffee and tasty pain au chocololat.

Below is a live account from the day.


I love cookery programmes, and any other food related shows for that matter, including documentaries. It is a great source of inspiration and makes me feel like I am personally connecting with the chefs. My favourite TV shows include, Saturday Kitchen, MasterChef, GBBO and Nigel Slater. Luckily for me my husband also loves watching such shows, so we are never left fighting over the remote control. The BBC Good Food Show gives you the chance to see your favourite stars in person and hear advice from them.

Shelina Permalloo

Shelina Permalloo ran a cookery demo at the MasterChef pod, where she cooked Thai sticky rice topped with tropical fruit. The dish looked mouthwateringly delicious and was served in a martini glass, for that michelin effect. Just looking at it brought a smile to my face.

20121109-142130.jpg 20121109-142115.jpg

I have to admit I was star struck at meeting her but she was so warm and friendly…hey Shelina, if you are reading this, it was really lovely meeting you. I am really looking forward to your cookery books and cannot wait until you open your restaurant. I can totally see why they call you the ‘new domestic goddess.’

20121109-143416.jpg 20121109-143436.jpg

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood

I loved the Masterclass run by The Great British Bake Off’s Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. They were even funnier in real life than on the show.

The bake off was hosted by Saturday Kitchen’s wine expert Olly Smith and was in the format of a 70s style game show. Mary Berry demoed a Fraisier Cake, while Paul Hollywood showed us his buns….sorry i meant showed us how to make iced buns.

20121109-152903.jpg 20121109-152911.jpg 20121109-152921.jpg 20121109-152937.jpg

I have to say, Mr Hollywood is just as dashing in person – swoon swoon! You should see how quickly he makes an 8 stranded plait – he could work on my hair any day 😉

20121109-152951.jpg 20121109-152945.jpg

There were no soggy bottoms on site!

Producers Village

I love discovering hidden gems in the food world and am often found trawling markets or social networking sites to find out what our artisan producers are up to. The taste and flavours that come from these producers are far superior to what is available from larger brands and it is always exciting when you see goods that you purchase from a market stall suddenly appear in local supermarkets.

Arganic Oil ( Stand PV35)

I first heard of the health benefits of Argan oil from my mother when she returned from holiday in Morocco. So, you can imagine my excitement when I came across Dana Elemara’s presentation at the Good Food Show, especially as I was only aware of this oil being used as a cosmetic. I had no idea the oil could be consumed.

My husband and I were amazed at how tasty this oil is, a very nutty flavour. Dana was very friendly and gave suggestions on recipes to try with argan oil – feta cheese with a sprinkle of argan oil and paprika spread on crispbread. I will certainly be buying some bottles and trying the oil at home. or follow on twitter: @Arganic_UK

20121109-122303.jpg 20121109-122237.jpg 20121109-124433.jpg

Pistachio Rose (Stand GF2)

Pistachio Rose was one of the first websites I encountered after setting up my twitter account, TheSpicyPears. I remember spending an hour salivating over the pictures on her website, wanting to taste all the delicious chocolate tarts on offer. At the time, Rekha Mehr, the woman behind the Indian inspired bakery, ran a stall on Portabello Market but sadly I never had the opportunity to visit. I was very excited to find out she was running a stand at the BBC Good Food Show.

I finally got to taste her delicious chocolate naans – an Indian take on churros – served with a chai and her salted milk chocolate tart infused with a hint of chilli and nutmeg. My husband and I agreed that her stand was the highlight of the show. or follow on twitter: @pistachio_rose

20121109-171215.jpg 20121109-171342.jpg

Duke Of Delhi (Stand PV79)

A really interesting twist on a traditional Asian spicy snack, mixed up with three unique flavours: a spicy fusion of orange and curry leaves; hearty chocolate chunks coated in warm spices; and a sweet-salty honeycomb. A visit to this stand is a must. or follow on twitter @dukeofdelhi

20121110-094519.jpg 20121110-094532.jpg

Choux London (Stand PV122)

The lovely Nadia and Victoria are serving up a colourful display of choux buns in an assortment of flavours. I can see how the decorative buns are great for any occasion. or follow on twitter: @chouxlondon

20121110-095222.jpg 20121110-095232.jpg

Bim’s Kitchen (Stand PB6)

A stopover at this stand was the perfect way to end the show. Before I get on to their food, I have to say James and Nicola are two of the loveliest people you will ever meet. Their chemistry is as alluring as their display.

We tried a range of their sauces from mild to the “make you want to run to the Yakult stand”. Often, with hot sauces the chilli tends to overpower the other ingredients but here the heat gradually builds in your mouth, while letting the subtle flavours of the other ingredients carry through. My personal favourite is Bim’s Kitchen’s chilli coconut sauce, which James tells me works really well in a stir-fry with prawns. He showed me the baobab fruit from the upside down tree found across Africa. The powder inside the seeds of this fruit has a delicious sweet tang, reminiscent of sherbet. I will definitely be buying more sauces and jams from Bim’s Kitchen. or follow  on twitter @bimskitchen

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