Garrett Popcorn: Coming to the UK Soon

Last week I was lucky enough to sample Garrett Popcorn. I was sent two tubs of their Chicago Mix, their most popular flavour, which combines sweet caramel crisp with savoury cheese corn.

When I first opened the tub I was greeted with what can only be described as little golden nuggets shining through a bed of glistening caramel rocks – not a bad first impression. I popped a couple of the cheesy corns in my mouth, they tasted like wotsits – yummy! I then tried the caramel rocks, crunchy and sweet, very nice. But the magic really happens when you scoff down a handful of the two together! The savoury sweet flavours are further enhanced by the different textures. The soft cheesy corns melt in your mouth, while you crunch on the caramel coated chunks. These were addictively good, so much so that my husband and I got through an entire tub without even realising. In this case “once you pop, you really can’t stop” (sorry Pringles).

The Chicago based kernel king has been around since 1949 and according to its website, makes handmade popcorn on a daily basis in old-fashioned copper kettles. They are very popular, having appeared on the hit TV show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and even made their way into gift bags given to guests at George Lucas and Mellody Hobson’s wedding reception, held in the windy city last month.

The popcorn maker currently sells in North America and parts of Asia and the Middle East. Good news for us in the UK, they are soon to be opening a store in Central London later this year.

Follow their Facebook page for more information on their UK launch.

I was asked to sample Garrett Popcorn. All opinions are my own and I was not obliged to write a review.

Garrett Popcorn

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