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I class food as my first love and it is true what they say, “you never forget your first love.” It will always have a special place in my heart and is the sole reason for me starting this blog.

I grew up in a typical South Asian household, where my mum would make a home-cooked meal every night. I recall as a youngster being in awe of the varied dishes she would make. One day it would be a simple and tasty dal and rice dish, and the next an extravagant lamb biryani. She enjoys cooking cuisines from other countries too but will always add an Indian twist. She is the first person to have introduced me to East-West fusion cooking.

Now that I am married, I am the master of my kitchen and with great fervour I cook all kinds of cuisines. In one week, I will cook Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai and Persian dishes. I also love quick and easy foods, such as soups, pastas and salads. My palate is influenced by my heritage – with roots in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran; my friends; and my travels abroad.

My motto is ‘cook healthy, eat tasty’, while staying active and burning off those calories. Exercise for me can include a brisk walk to the shops, an early morning swim session or a relaxing yoga class. I also try to recreate my favourite dishes at home, substituting fatty ingredients with healthy alternatives; for example, I now use low-fat yoghurt instead of sour cream in my tortillas, and rapeseed or olive oil in most of my cooking.

I am excited to be starting this blog, documenting my recipes along the way, while also learning from other foodies. I also love eating out and recreating those dishes at home, whether that be a poached egg and asparagus salad from John Lewis, or the infamous Soufflé Suissesse from Le Gavroche.

I have no professional cooking or writing experience and welcome your feedback.

Note: All the material on this blog is copyright to demo.thespicypear.com. Please contact me if you wish to use any of it.

If you would like to contact me, please email me on tina@thespicypear.com. Thank you.

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